Wednesday, 13 March 2013

London Fashion Week Interviews

So I did some interviews with some stylish girls during London Fashion Week.

I have finally got round to editing them and are uploaded to youtube, just click here.

It kinda gives you a bit of an insight into the people at London Fashion Week and what the general vibe and feeling is there.

I loved meeting Kavita, Laura, Jodie and Lereesa but unfortunatly poor Lereesa had a really sore throught and didnt do the interview. The old LFW Flu! There is Florrie, who has such a fun and unique style and Katie, who looked fab!
You can check all the girls blogs by clicking on their names.


  1. Loved your interviews, Jodie's little bow tie is so cute! X

  2. Hey hot stuuuuuff!! Mwah xxx