Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A Little Sunshine

Sunglasses - Missguided
I was incredibly lucky to sneak off for a little sunshine in Feurteventura at the end of last month. My boyfriend and I kinda gate crashed my parents holiday but it was so ace to get a bit of sunshine at the end of February!
I didn't make much of an effort all holiday but this is a really cute dress from Zara that has some lovely beaded detailing on the collar.
I got this fringed suede bag from Primark, it was a total steal and I love it's hippy chick feel, again I think this one will get a lot of use during the summer.
The sunglasses are from MissGuided, I've always fancied the Ray Ban Clubmaster version of them but never been 100% that they suit my face so the replicas were at the perfect price to try them out.  Also met this cute little fella, not sure if he was Alvin, Simon or Theodore.
Back home now and missing the sun, hopefully it's not too long untill Britain gets the well deserved heat wave we've been waiting for!


  1. I want to go there!

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