Friday, 13 September 2013

Go Forth!

OOOft I really enjoyed playing with my photo app to confuse myself with the bridge and its railings, its kinda like one of those magic art pics where if you stare long enough, you might see a dolphin or something...Sorry no dolphins here though.

So this was a cheeky date night that I wasn't really prepared for but threw on a bright floral blazer and all was saved.  I got this blazer in the Zara sale a while back. I will always stand by the statement that you can never go wrong with a Zara blazer, well any blazer for that matter. Zara sure do know how to tailor and if its in the sale, win win, may as well get two eh? God, I need to stop with that attitude!

The basic t-shirt dress, again you can't go wrong. It also sits nicely under your boobs so when the inevitable over-eat happens at dinner you can be beautifully covered with no pain! Great!

Cat x

Been Around the World and I, I....I'm Sorry!

Ok guys... I am sorry. I literally fell off the face of the earth! Well almost. I basically got a pretty amazing job. Im a TV presenter but have mainly been doing corporate online videos... but last month I was whisked off to present my own travel show around Europe! I was filming for an Indian company, so It'll be all over India, but also online and they are hoping it'll hit the UK.

It was all very last minute, I had to pack a case for 30 days with different outfits for the different activities I would be doing.
In total we filmed loads of different parts of Bulgaria, Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Brussels!
It really was an incredible trip, but I had not a minute to spare, we worked all the time! I was exhausted so not even a thought of getting outfit shots and blogs.  So now I'm safely home, I'm back, and I vow to hit up my blog big time!

Also London Fashion Week had just kicked in, what more of a boot up the bum to get inspired by funky street style and amazing new collections!

Below are some pics of my trip, there aren't a huge amount as every minute was literally a crazy mad rush but hopefully you get the feel of some of the show.

Right, next post I promise will be back to all things fashion....oooft its cold out, bring on the chunky knits and statement coats for winter baby!