Friday, 13 September 2013

Been Around the World and I, I....I'm Sorry!

Ok guys... I am sorry. I literally fell off the face of the earth! Well almost. I basically got a pretty amazing job. Im a TV presenter but have mainly been doing corporate online videos... but last month I was whisked off to present my own travel show around Europe! I was filming for an Indian company, so It'll be all over India, but also online and they are hoping it'll hit the UK.

It was all very last minute, I had to pack a case for 30 days with different outfits for the different activities I would be doing.
In total we filmed loads of different parts of Bulgaria, Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Brussels!
It really was an incredible trip, but I had not a minute to spare, we worked all the time! I was exhausted so not even a thought of getting outfit shots and blogs.  So now I'm safely home, I'm back, and I vow to hit up my blog big time!

Also London Fashion Week had just kicked in, what more of a boot up the bum to get inspired by funky street style and amazing new collections!

Below are some pics of my trip, there aren't a huge amount as every minute was literally a crazy mad rush but hopefully you get the feel of some of the show.

Right, next post I promise will be back to all things fashion....oooft its cold out, bring on the chunky knits and statement coats for winter baby!

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