Friday, 13 September 2013

Go Forth!

OOOft I really enjoyed playing with my photo app to confuse myself with the bridge and its railings, its kinda like one of those magic art pics where if you stare long enough, you might see a dolphin or something...Sorry no dolphins here though.

So this was a cheeky date night that I wasn't really prepared for but threw on a bright floral blazer and all was saved.  I got this blazer in the Zara sale a while back. I will always stand by the statement that you can never go wrong with a Zara blazer, well any blazer for that matter. Zara sure do know how to tailor and if its in the sale, win win, may as well get two eh? God, I need to stop with that attitude!

The basic t-shirt dress, again you can't go wrong. It also sits nicely under your boobs so when the inevitable over-eat happens at dinner you can be beautifully covered with no pain! Great!

Cat x

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