Monday, 24 June 2013


I forbid you to read that title and not go into full song! Dum dum dum duduh deh dah!

So this was taken on a super-dooper trip to Iceland! That country is AMAZING! If you ever get the chance to go, do it!! It is so incredibly beautiful. It has a lot of the awesome things Scotland has...but better!

These photos were taken at the Blue Lagoon which is a natural spring of sulphur water.  It is the most amazing colour of milky blue and the best part is, it is all natural.  The one (perceived) down side is that the sulphur has quite a distinct smell, so you feel like there are warm eggy sandwiches around you at all times! But once you get over that, the place is truly amazing!
It was pretty cold when we were there but the sun shone most days, and please excuse the cheeky wind that decided to dance with my hair, but I feel it just adds to the pics.  I love the colour of the scenery here, no Instagram necessary for this bad boy, all natural.

My coat is an ebay purchase from China, I had to get it in a large as their sizes are teeny! So try not to be put off by that! My trusty boots are Topshop and my shades which make me feel as cool as a cucumber are RayBan Wayfarers!

If you live in the UK, EasyJet are doing cheap flights to Iceland, but a word of warning....its not so cheap when you get £5 for a bottle of coke!

So so worth it though!! x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Leopard Pants

I am totally digging these leggings from H&M.  They are super snug and not too thin although I did feel safer wearing a top that covered my bum.  Nothing worse than the thin legging bum for all to see.  There is quite a lot going on with the leggings so I wore this simple sleeveless blouse and a statement necklace.  And yes.... I should have ironed my shirt, but I'm really not a fan of that and on the odd occasion I do treat my clothes to a little heat treatment, they wrinkle within minutes of leaving the house anyway.
My trusty boots from Topshop were the perfect addition and I was having a lazy hair day hence the messy top-knot.
Hope you are all well and enjoying what glimmers of sun you may be getting! x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Topshop Jonis

So I went and got me some Jonis, only about 100 years later than everyone else! But the rumours are true, they are the best things in the world EVER! So snug and slick but have that stretch too so plenty room for lunges!They are really high wasted which is perfect as any top will sit flush over them.
The sun was popping its little face out so I put on my skyscraper open toe wedges from Matalan, a nice little blazer to smarten the look and this really cute coral top from H&M (which I believe is in the sale at the mo, so go!!)
Also not forgetting a pop of colour from my faux YSL Arty ring.  I love the colour in the stone and I reckon it would really go with any outfit to mix it up a little on the colour pallet.

Colour Clash

I absolutely love this colour block dress from Dorothy Perkins!
I was away for the weekend with the BF and we stayed in a beautiful hotel near to Loch Lomond.  On the Saturday night we treated ourselves to a lovely meal, cue reason to get dressed up and put on falsies...woohoo!  We really did treat ourselves with the steak and lobster mains, but you know, when in Rome an all that!

Anyway I actually bought this dress about a year ago and as I recall it was only about £25! Score.  Its the prefect fit for a dinner date to hide any food babies that may appear through the course of the evening.
Again because I was all bout those Matalan wedges that weekend, they seemed the perfect choice to transform me from midget to...well not so midget.  Also still loving my faux Michael Kors watch and H&M chunky chain to add a bit of bling bling.