Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Topshop Jonis

So I went and got me some Jonis, only about 100 years later than everyone else! But the rumours are true, they are the best things in the world EVER! So snug and slick but have that stretch too so plenty room for lunges!They are really high wasted which is perfect as any top will sit flush over them.
The sun was popping its little face out so I put on my skyscraper open toe wedges from Matalan, a nice little blazer to smarten the look and this really cute coral top from H&M (which I believe is in the sale at the mo, so go!!)
Also not forgetting a pop of colour from my faux YSL Arty ring.  I love the colour in the stone and I reckon it would really go with any outfit to mix it up a little on the colour pallet.

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  1. P.s. you were right about Joni's and I went a size down - BONUS!