Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Colour Clash

I absolutely love this colour block dress from Dorothy Perkins!
I was away for the weekend with the BF and we stayed in a beautiful hotel near to Loch Lomond.  On the Saturday night we treated ourselves to a lovely meal, cue reason to get dressed up and put on falsies...woohoo!  We really did treat ourselves with the steak and lobster mains, but you know, when in Rome an all that!

Anyway I actually bought this dress about a year ago and as I recall it was only about £25! Score.  Its the prefect fit for a dinner date to hide any food babies that may appear through the course of the evening.
Again because I was all bout those Matalan wedges that weekend, they seemed the perfect choice to transform me from midget to...well not so midget.  Also still loving my faux Michael Kors watch and H&M chunky chain to add a bit of bling bling.

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