Sunday, 24 May 2015

Zengo Dubai

Last weekend I hit up Zengo Dubai for a bachelorette party with some girlfriends.  I had never been to Zengo before but was overwhelmed by the service we received.  The staff had kindly prepared a cocktail creation session where we sampled eight of their finest cocktails (the bride to be is obsessed with cocktails).
The extremely talented mixologists at Zengo not only entertained while preparing our cocktails but told us amazing stories behind the concept and creation of each one.
For example, one of my favourites was the ‘Sakura’, named after the Japanese Cherry blossom.  It represents the cloud covered mountains during the period when the cherry blossom is in bloom. It was a cherry liquor based cocktail that was served in an awesome little bell jar. The cocktail had been 'smoked' so that on removal of the bell jar the smoke came billowing out representing the changing season of  ‘Sakura’!
Such a fun concept and so beautifully put together! Oh and the cocktail tasted rather good too!! Another one that stuck in my mind was served with a birdcage over it and the glass was sitting in a small birds nest! Such a quirky, cool way to enjoy a cocktail!

Zengo’s staff also entertain with their ‘Fire show’ with bartenders juggling fire to the beat of the drum!
This bar has such a great atmosphere, I cannot recommend it enough!

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