Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Dinner at Seagrill on 25°

On Thursday, a few friends and I went for sundowners at the Fairmont on the Palm.
The temperature was just perfect to watch the sun go down as we sat on the beach. 

We decided to stay for dinner and dined at the beautiful Seagrill on 25°.
I loved the white decor of this place, it had an elegant, high end beach-house feel.
I remember thinking it would be a fantastic venue for a wedding reception with it's spacious interior, grand bar area, with the beach right outside and amazing views of the Dubai skyline.

As it was a Mediterranean restaurant specialising in seafood, I went for the hot smoked salmon.
I often panic when I order fish thinking there is no way it'll fill me up, thinking *I should have got the burger, should have got the burger*! This was a huge concern for me as I suffer from very bad food envy! But alas the fish was perfectly cooked and delicious, I almost couldn't finish it... But don't worry I did :)
There was even a burger at the table and although it looked amazing, I was still satisfied at my choice.

Even better, Seagrill on 25° is in the fine dining entertainer! A perfect impromptu dinner and drinks with a perfect discount too!

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