Monday, 20 May 2013


So it was my beautiful friends wedding the other weekend and this is what I wore. I really couldn't decide between a few options that I had and again old Dotty P's popped up with this bad boy! I cant take full credit for the find, my good friend works dressing the mannequins in Outfit and I was headed straight into the Topshop section when he pulled this one out and was like try it! So I did and I loved it! I still don't think the photos quite did the dress justice, it really was very flattering and soo comfortable. And a bargain at £36!
I went really minimal with the jewellery as there is so much going on with the dress. I love the boho feel to it and topped it off with some retro sunnies. Don't worry I didn't keep them on for the wedding or anything, I'm not always cutting about like Im some hot shot celebrity (but a girl can dream.)
The wedding was beautiful and I'm so glad I went with this dress as someone was wearing a dress very similar to my other option and it's always annoying when people are like oooo look your dresses pretty much the same! Grr it just means we are super stylish!
Also randomly in these photos it looks like I have massive ginger roots... I don't... Honest. 

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