Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, New Blog

So, I have been keen to set up a blog for about six months and kept putting it off!  But no more to that attitude! New Year always brings about new starts and for me in particular the turning of the year has been the kick up the bum I need.
This year I want to make some changes in my life (the usual, eat better, exercise more, work harder on my career) and start a blog! I really love fashion and I have what I believe to be an amazing selection of clothes, but I often lack the confidence in rocking out in some of my favourite outfits. My idea is that if I blog about them it will encourage me to be more adventurous with fashion.
I plan on aiming to blog at least three times a week, so hopefully my outfit creations with be blog worthy!

This is a pic of one of my more glam outfits. I wore it recently one evening on holiday and felt I hadn't done enough dressing up so a floor length number was just what I needed to feel extra special.
Its from Topshop last summer and is really comfortable. I teamed it up with this chunky gold cuff that I got at a market in London and popped in these fierce earrings which were a bargain from Primark!
I'm hoping with time the standard of my photos will improve to give you a clearer idea on materials etc.

Have a lovely week,

Catriona x

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