Sunday, 16 August 2015

Finger Tip Facelift

I recently tried out a new and exciting treatment that is a non surgical way to iron out those wrinkles and lift tired skin, and thankfully there is someone in Dubai that does it!

Sam Saunders specialises in Yoga, Sports massage and Fingertip Facelifts. She has a beautiful treatment room in her Springs villa and also does home visits for one on one Yoga sessions.

So what is a Fingertip Facelift? I had no idea! Sam explained:

“Fingertip Facelifts are a unique, holistic therapy that combines very gentle but highly effective massage techniques on the 91 muscles of the face, neck, skull and shoulders to help you look younger in a natural way.”

As I lay down, I immediately felt extremely relaxed with beautiful vanilla and jasmine scents coming from the oil burner and atmospheric candle lighting. There was also extremely relaxing ‘spa’ music… I don’t know what it was but I’m sure you know what I mean when I say ‘spa music’!

Sam began working on my face, area by area she gently massages and tweaked my skin. It was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep!

Halfway through Sam paused and asked me to look in a mirror to see the difference from one side of my face. Immediately I could see clear changes in the side of my cheek, my chin and my eyelid. My cheek was noticeably firmer and ‘fresher’ looking, my chin looked more slender and my eyelid had lifted dramatically.  It was incredible to see such a difference in such a short space of time!

Thankfully, Sam continued the massage to even up my face!

To finish, she massaged my neck and head and even rubbed my feet and toes! This was quite a treat! I left feeling not only relaxed but completely rejuvenated.

My face was noticeably ‘fresher’ and ‘younger’ looking. I can imagine myself getting quite addicted!

Sam explained that a 6 course of top up treatments would see even better results and more radiance appearance.

Fingertip Facelifts, followed by regular top-up treatments will result in a more radiant appearance, improved circulation and skin tone and relief from stress.

I cannot recommend this treatment enough, and as I am very anti-surgery and scary needles, this was the perfect way to plump and freshen my somewhat sagging face!

Visit Sam’s site here for all of her details and further testimonials from happy customers!

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