Thursday, 4 June 2015

Little Miss Sunshine

Bee-ing Little Miss Sunshine

I’ve got sunshine… pretty much every day here in Dubai so it perfect to have fun with colours and style.

It's a drastic change for me from cold and drizzly Scotland where your outfit was pretty much dominated by your winter coat and it's rarely warm enough to take it off outside.

I love this little pleated skirt from H&M, the colour is such a statement that I decided just to team it with a simple black crop.

This crop top is a little gem I found in New Look (I also got it in white, you know, when you find ‘the one’ you must have two!) It's perfect for this outfit as the skirt does all the talking, but tops tight fit shows off my figure complimenting the puff ball style of the skirt.



I teamed it up with my Topshop clumpy wedges (which are possibly the most comfortable heel ever created). These shoes have been a real jar of marmite amongst my friends, they either love them or hate them, but I love them so that’s enough for me!

The black and yellow combo makes me the perfect little bumble bee! Oh and the floppy hat is also a Topshop piece, albeit from one or two seasons ago. It really adds the 'sting' to the whole outfit...! Eh?! Get it?! Like a bee? Like the sting of a...okay that wasn't funny. Moving on...


Huge credit to my wonderful photographer friend JennaSimpsonPhtography for these awesome shots, this girl knows how to take a pic and has become my partner in crime.

Watch this space for more from this talented lady. She is snapping all sorts all over Dubai – check her out here, here, and here!

Much love, peace out, bzzzzzzzzz

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